Vivienne Westwood: Wash Cruelty Down the Plughole

She’s famous for making fabulous (and often vegan-friendly) fashion – but in her new video for PETA, Dame Vivienne Westwood forgoes clothes altogether for a cause close to her heart – saving the planet!

For World Water Day, the iconic British designer explains what taking long showers has to do with being an eco-warrior:

The stylish ad was directed by Robbie Newby and scored by BAFTA-winner Carter Burwell.

Dame Vivienne has a point – it takes 15 times more water to produce 1 kilogram of meat than it does to produce 1 kilogram of fruits or vegetables. As she says:

“By avoiding meat, you do more for the environment than recycling or driving a hybrid car combined”

The meat trade is also responsible for extreme, industrial-scale cruelty to the billions of animals it mutilates and kills each year as well as contributing to global problems from deforestation to world hunger.

Fancy having a squeaky-clean conscience like Vivienne?

It’s easy to stop eating meat – millions of people around the world already have. Sign our pledge to wash cruelty down the plughole and try out a plant-based diet for 30 days. Also, order our free veggie starter kit for recipes, info and advice to help you make the switch.