‘Made in Chelsea’ Star Poses With Skinned ‘Fox’ in Graphic Anti-Fur Ad

27 April 2014

Ashley James Teams Up With PETA to Call On Harvey Nichols to Stop Selling Fur

London – Former MIC beauty Ashley James loves the finer things in life, but she knows that there’s nothing glamorous about fur. That’s why she’s teamed up with PETA to star in a new ad campaign targeting the department store Harvey Nichols – who recently abandoned their decade-long fur-free policy. In the ad, James holds a skinned “fox” next to the words, “Harvey Nichols: Here’s the Rest of Your Fur Coat”. PETA are speaking with billboard companies to place the advert outside Harvey Nichols’ UK stores.

The advert is available here (please credit Ruth Rose).

“I feel so privileged to be fronting a campaign for an issue I feel so passionate about. I love animals, and having educated myself about the fur industry, it breaks my heart to think people allow such cruelty to continue by buying fur products”, says James. “Have a heart, please don’t support the fur industry and boycott the brands who do.

“The image hits home and points out that all fur is the product of a bloody, violent industry. PETA encourage consumers not to be deceived by the store’s claims of selling ‘humanely and ethically’ obtained furs”, says PETA’s Mimi Bekhechi.

Harvey Nichols hide behind a marketing ploy called “Origin Assured”, which was created by the fur industry itself following years of plummeting sales. Fur from farms in 29 countries can potentially be labelled “Origin Assured” simply because these countries have environmental standards, animal-welfare laws or best practice guidelines on the books – but whether or not those standards are enforced isn’t taken into consideration. A recent exposé by PETA narrated by Paloma Faith reveals the tremendous suffering of animals whose fur bears this label. It shows that on fur farms in Finland, Sweden, the US and other so-called “Origin Assured” countries, animals such as raccoons, rabbits and minks are kept in filthy wire cages – sometimes alongside the rotting corpses of other animals – and are left to suffer from untreated injuries, including missing limbs. Frightened and distressed, they often mutilate themselves and others in the cage. These animals are then slaughtered – just so that their skin can be made into clothing.

For more information about “Origin Assured” cruelty and to join PETA in asking Harvey Nichols to reinstate their fur-free policy, click here