Pamela Anderson Invites Liverpudlians To Go Vegetarian

For Immediate Release:
9 April 2003

Sean Gifford 020 7357 9229, ext. 226; 0773 457 9092 (mobile)

Liverpool – Exchanging her trademark red Baywatch bathing suit for a bikini crafted from lettuce leaves, Baywatch babe and vegetarian Pamela Anderson has posed for a new PETA ad in which she urges everyone to ‘turn over a new leaf’ by going vegetarian. PETA is hoping the billboard will encourage residents of Liverpool—recently named the ‘second-fattest city’ in England by Men’s Fitness magazine—to follow the good example set by notably trim native son Paul McCartney and switch to a healthy, humane veggie diet. The billboard is located at 491-493 West Derby Road and will remain up until 22 April.

The Men’s Fitness survey reveals that the average Liverpool resident consumes a whopping 39.3 per cent of their calories from fat and eats only a minuscule 1,892 grams of fruit and vegetables every week—making them the lowest consumers of fruit and veggies in England. Men’s Fitness reports that during the past 20 years, obesity in Britain has trebled: ‘According to the National Audit office, one in five British adults is dangerously overweight.’

Meat, dairy products and eggs—all of which are packed with cholesterol and saturated fat—are major culprits in the obesity epidemic, which contributes to the UK’s top killers: heart attacks, strokes, diabetes and cancer. Meat-eaters are 50 per cent more likely to suffer from heart disease. In a study by Oxford University, researchers found that vegan men weighed, on average, 5.9 kg less and vegan women 4.7 kg less than their meat-eating counterparts.

Eating meat also means killing animals—900 million land animals and countless fish are killed for their flesh every year in the UK. Many are raised on filthy, crowded factory farms, rarely if ever smelling fresh air or feeling the sun on their backs until the day they are sent off to slaughter.

‘Sunday roasts are sending animals to abattoirs and Liverpudlians into intensive care’, says PETA’s Sean Gifford. ‘It’s easy to trim the fat, slash heart attack risks and help animals all at once—by cutting meat out of our diets.’

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