PETA Anti-Fur Activists Storm Three Paris Catwalks In 24 Hours

For Immediate Release:
21 January 2002

Dawn Carr – 0208 870 3966

Paris — An American PETA member disrupted the Valentino show last night when he jumped onto the runway with a banner reading, “Fur Kills,” and chanted “Fur is dead!” 

Earlier in the day, a British PETA member was thrown out of Jean-Paul Gaultier’s show after causing a runway ruckus with her anti-fur message. Saturday, the same activist was stirring things up at the Versace show when she and yet another American activist took over the runway to protest the violence and cruelty of the fur trade.

“Designers who still use fur are heartless and shameless,” said PETA member Sean Gifford, from Wisconsin, after disrupting the third show, “We thought it was time to put a little compassion on the runway on behalf of the millions of animals slaughtered for vanity.”

PETA is stepping up its campaign to expose the suffering behind the fur industry’s renewed push of fur fashions, knowing that educated consumers wouldn’t be caught dead in the stuff. Although it is the 21st century, animals are still mangled in 18th century traps, drowned, or beaten to death in the wild and gassed, strangled, or anally electrocuted on crowded, filthy fur farms.

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