PETA Packs Furs For Freezing Refugees In Afghanistan

For Immediate Release:
30 January 2002

Sean Gifford – 0208 870 3966

Norfolk, Virginia — Hundreds of fur coats, fur bedspreads, and other fur garments, donated by people who’ve had a change of heart about fur, will be packed up at PETA’s world headquarters, trucked to Philadelphia, and shipped to Afghanistan, where they will be distributed to the needy in refugee camps near the border town of Jalalabad:

Date:   Wednesday, January 30
Time:   12 noon
Place:  501 Front St., Norfolk (PETA headquarters)

Sally Struthers, known as much for helping hungry kids in Africa as for her role in All in the Family, is heading PETA’s effort to collect fur coats to send to Afghanistan, where temperatures can stay below the freezing point for months. The coats will be used for bedding and cut up to be made into children’s jackets.

“You may not be able to undo the animal suffering caused by your fur coat, but by donating it to PETA, you can help alleviate the human suffering of those in war-torn Afghanistan who have few choices in life,” says Struthers on the home page. For several years, PETA has collected fur coats to give to the homeless, most recently in Knoxville, Tenn., and in New York City’s Harlem district.

PETA thanks the Philadelphia-based American Friends Services Committee (AFSC) for its help in the shipping and distribution of the coats.

For more information, visit Broadcast-quality footage of animals being trapped in the wild and killed on fur farms is available.