How We First Met

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Believe in love at first sight? For Valentine’s Day, PETA friends and staffers look back on the moment they first met their animal companions and knew they’d found “the one”.

Claire and Jiji

Jiji Claire Combine

Jiji was my dark handsome stranger. We received an e-mail from our residents’ association asking whether anyone in the area had lost a black kitten. It turned out he was unwanted and had been dumped in the street. We went to look for him late one night and found a cold, skinny, hungry but friendly kitten. He came home with us and has grown into a beautiful cat, with a lovely personality, despite his bad start in life.

Zack, Ruby and Yvonne

Zack and Ruby

An irresponsible owner bought Ruby from a petshop, put her in a cage with male rats and then gave her up after she had become pregnant. Nobody wanted her and her baby, Scarlett – that is, until I saw them and fell in love. Now Ruby and Scarlett are safe and happy, and my rescued dog, Zack, is delighted to have some new best friends to play with!

Barry and Marley

Barry and Marley

Marley was found by the RSPCA roaming around a council estate in Brighton. The people at the shelter gave him his name because he was completely covered with dreadlocks – but underneath his matted hair, he turned out to be a highly eligible bachelor with a GSOH and a flair for mischief! He’s been a wonderful addition to our home and now enjoys regular grooming sessions (and chasing laser lights!).

Isabelle and Lilo

Lilo Doble

I got my little baby girl, Lilo, 10 years ago. She quickly taught me everything that I know about dogs’ and other animals’ remarkable intelligence, and she is like my guardian angel. I take her everywhere I go, and I love her more each day. My relationship with her is the longest I’ve ever had!
Florence and Melissa
Florence and Melissa
I got Florence nearly a year and a half ago from the RSPCA. She was from a litter of abandoned kittens. As soon as I saw her little pink nose and unusual markings, I knew I needed to give her a loving home. She was extremely shy and scared at first, but after a bit of love and lots of cuddles, she is now a friendly, loving companion with plenty of quirks. (She even plays fetch with tinfoil balls.) She gets under the duvet for cuddles every morning, and now I can’t quite imagine life without her.

Now could be the time for you to let a little love into your life – if you think you could give an animal a good home, please take inspiration from these adorable adopted animals and go to your local shelter to find your perfect match.

Pet shops and breeders contribute to the animal-overpopulation crisis, while there are thousands of sweet, sensitive animals in shelters who are looking for a long-term relationship with someone just like you!


  • Analee B. Silvano commented on February 15, 2014 at 6:05 am

    as animal lover and having 2 pets namely Chelse a chocolate labrador mix pup she’s almost 5 months already and Albee my 4 yrs old bunny i support your advocacy to fight animal cruelty … i believe that all animals are created by God and have their rights to live free, and us as human our part is to take care, give them love and comfort not pain to the point kills them… my heart hurts whenever i see pictures and videos of animals suffering from pains inflicted by human… KEEP UP THE GOOD JOB and GOD BLESS !

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