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Animals Are Not Ours to Use for Entertainment

Animals Are Not Ours to Use for Entertainment

There's nothing funny about animal abuse and nothing "entertaining" about seeing animals imprisoned for life, forced to perform in ways that are unnatural to them and that may result in injuries or even death. Yet shockingly, there are still industries that profit from cruelty towards animals in the name of entertainment.

Circuses bully elephants, tigers and other animals into performing bewildering tricks, breaking their spirits with beatings and punishments behind the scenes. Zoos keep animals locked in cages for their entire lives and deny them privacy, often in environments far removed from their natural habitat. Horses are made to race – sometimes to their deaths – on the track in senseless competitions, while anglers maim and kill sensitive fish just for "fun". And bullfighting is a barbaric celebration of violence, in which a terrified animal is tormented before a jeering crowd.

There's no justification for turning the suffering of animals into a spectacle. Atrocities such as fox-hunting and bear-baiting are already outlawed – now it's time to make our society truly compassionate by banning all cruel pastimes and sports that harm animals.

Read about the issues below and learn what's wrong with zoos, animal circuses, recreational fishing and other uses of animals for entertainment. Then please visit our Action Centre to help stop this abuse.