Activists Hang Giant ‘SeaWorld Kills’ Banner Above Thomas Cook HQ

Posted by on August 21, 2017 | Permalink

PETA members unfurled a giant banner reading, “Thomas Cook: SeaWorld Kills,” above the Thomas Cook Group’s central London headquarters during this morning’s rush hour. The action is part of an ongoing campaign urging the travel provider to stop promoting and selling tickets to SeaWorld. In just one week, nearly 15,000 PETA supporters have contacted the company to add their voices to the campaign.

Thomas Cook claims to be an industry leader in animal welfare, but it has so far failed to sever ties with SeaWorld, which keeps orcas in cramped concrete tanks and deprives them of everything that is natural and important to them. With no physical or psychological stimulation, these highly intelligent, social animals are forced to spend their days swimming in endless circles.

At least 40 orcas and dozens of other dolphins have died at SeaWorld parks from causes including severe trauma, intestinal gangrene, and chronic cardiovascular failure. Just last week, a female orca named Kasatka died of a bacterial lung infection, which she had been suffering from since at least 2008. Not only does SeaWorld kill, it also imprisons and enslaves individuals who deserve to be free and with their loved ones.

What You Can Do

SeaWorld’s stock price is plunging, and its visitor numbers are steadily declining, yet Thomas Cook continues to sell tickets to its parks. Numerous other travel providers, including STA Travel and Responsible Travel, have already severed ties with SeaWorld. It’s time that Thomas Cook did the same.

Please contact Thomas Cook now and urge the company to stop supporting orca abuse.

If you want to get more involved with this campaign or others like it, please join PETA’s Action Team today.