Air France Faces Awkward Questions About Cruelty to Monkeys at Its Own Annual Meeting

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Air France has been feeling the heat on all fronts, thanks to concerted campaigns by PETA and our international affiliates to persuade the airline to stop shipping monkeys to laboratories.

Its executives can’t hide from the outrage over this cruel policy – even at their own annual meeting!

Yesterday in Paris, a proxy from PETA US popped up at the annual meeting to let the other stockowners know that the company is the only major airline in the world that is still willing to accept blood money for shipping primates to be tortured and killed in experiments. When the PETA US representative asked when this practice will end, the audience broke into applause.

PETA US has purchased a tiny amount of Air France stock in order to employ shareholder activism tactics such as this, letting other stockholders know about the company’s unethical practices and how they could hurt the company’s bottom line.

Meanwhile, outside the meeting, PETA France supporters held a hard-hitting protest to remind the world what the animals shipped by Air France go through.

Air France Paris May 2015

Air France’s stubborn insistence on continuing to transport primates to laboratories – when every other major airline refuses to do so – is dragging its reputation through the mud. It’s no wonder the company is struggling financially.

Help the airline get the message that customers don’t want to fly with cruelty on board!