Animal Abusers on the Loose: £1,000 Reward for Information

Posted by on February 8, 2013 | Permalink

A young seagull was shot through the neck with a crossbow in Inverness, and cocktail sausages laced with nails were left on playing fields in Monmouthshire in order to injure dogs – these two sickening incidents of cruelty to animals happened in just the past few weeks in the UK. Image: Scottish SPCA

Hurting animals is just plain wrong. Society needs to take these shocking crimes seriously, because animal abusers are a danger to everyone. Sick individuals who carry out violence against animals – who can’t report abuse and often can’t fight back – may move on to harming people as well. Serial rapists and murderers, including Ian Huntley, Fred West, Thomas Hamilton and Raoul Moat, all started out by deliberately harming animals.

We’ve offered a reward for information that leads to the arrest and conviction of the disturbed individuals responsible for these incidents. If you know something about these or any other cases of animal abuse, please contact the authorities: call 101 in England and Wales, 03000 999 999 in Scotland, or 0800 555 111 in Northern Ireland.