ASOS Goes All the Way Against Angora!

Posted by on December 18, 2013 | Permalink

Awesome news: ASOS has become the first company not only to halt angora production, but also to stop selling all angora products on its website, including those from third-party brands.

After discussions with PETA, seeing our shocking video about how angora rabbits are tortured for their fur, and grasping the strength of consumer sentiment against this unethical fabric, ASOS has taken decisive action by refusing to profit from its sale, both now and in all future collections. The online retailer already had a strict policy in place against selling items made from real fur, so it makes absolute sense that it has now ditched rabbit wool, too.

angora rabbit in cage with eye discharge 1

This is the firm commitment that we’ve been waiting for, and was swiftly followed by the news that PVH – owner of  labels such as Tommy Hilfiger and Calvin Klein – is also pledging never to use angora again and pulling all angora items! We’re calling on all other retailers to stop dragging their feet and follow ASOS’s excellent example by pulling cruel angora from their shops and websites immediately.

A growing number of retailers have already either pledged never to use angora in their future collections (including Next and Whistles), or have suspended angora production. However they are still sending mixed messages by keeping existing stock on sale. Marks & Spencer and Primark  have not yet promised that future collections will not use wool from rabbits, while other companies – such as Gap Inc. and Zara – have failed to take any action and are shamefully continuing to sell angora.

ASOS has proved this week that it truly deserves its reputation as a compassionate company, and that it is listening to what its customers want.  We’d also like to thank all the people who have helped make this happen, by putting pressure on shops to do the right thing for rabbits.

Please sign and share the pledge to keep the campaign growing, and always speak out when you see angora for sale: