The Latest Stores to Halt Angora Production Are …

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Topshop and Primark! First, it was Swedish retailers H&M, Acne and others. Then, New Look and Esprit followed suit. Now, after meeting with us and hearing from many concerned customers, Topshop has also told its suppliers to stop sourcing products containing angora while it investigates alternatives. Shortly afterwards, Primark made a similar announcement. Hooray!

Topshop has worked with PETA before by pledging to keep fur and exotic skins out of its collections. Today, the company has also delivered good news for rabbits who suffer tremendously when the fur is ripped from their skin on Chinese angora farms.

Marks & Spencer has also responded to calls from consumers about inhumane angora production, stating, “We will not place any further orders with our suppliers for products containing Angora Wool until we have concluded our visits to farms”.

This is a welcome start. However, PETA is asking these and all other retailers to take the next step and commit to drop cruel angora permanently. In China, where 90 per cent of the world’s angora comes from, there are no penalties for abusing animals on fur farms, and there is no “humane” way to raise rabbits on factory farms.

Here’s a reminder of why retailers are dropping angora like a hot potato:

Let’s keep this momentum going. To keep rabbits safe from cruelty, we need to put pressure on retailers to promise to keep angora out of their stores forever.

If you haven’t already, please sign and share our campaign:

UPDATE: ASOS Goes All the Way Against Angora!