PETA and Local Groups Rescue Animals in Beirut

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Earlier this month, a devastating explosion hit Beirut. Buildings collapsed, windows shattered, and humans and animals were separated from their loved ones in the aftermath.

In the wake of this tragedy, a PETA team member – supported by PETA’s Global Compassion Fund – travelled to the city to assess the situation and help the dogs, cats, and other animals affected by the devastation.

PETA’s team member scoured the ruins for animals and found a young chicken whose hips had been fractured during the explosion. She rushed her to a vet, who is now treating her and is confident she’ll make a full recovery. We’re working to find her a permanent home where she can live in peace.

We delivered crucial supplies of dog and cat food to families whose homes were damaged by the explosion – and to other volunteers who are feeding homeless animals. This will help ensure that animal companions and other animals displaced by this catastrophe won’t go hungry.

PETA’s team member witnessed first-hand some of the life-saving work to help animals in desperate need being carried out by volunteers and local groups – including Animals Lebanon. Support from PETA’s Global Compassion Fund helped that group quickly pull together a search-and-response team in order to rescue frightened animals from the rubble and reunite them with their guardians.

This critically important fund allows PETA and our affiliates to partner with effective local animal protection organisations around the world – powering everything from urgent rescue work by groups like Animals Lebanon to life-changing animal advocacy campaigns in areas where they’re needed most.

Animals in Crisis Need Your Help

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