Britain’s Most Famous Art Critic Writes Burning Critique of Air France

Posted by on June 8, 2015 | Permalink

Renowned art critic Brian Sewell is currently battling cancer, but he still found time to speak up for animals.

He’s just written a letter to the chief executive of Air France expressing his disgust that the airline continues to transport primates to laboratories for deadly experiments.

As he says in his letter, going through cancer treatments and being at the mercy of doctors and scientists have given him a deeper understanding of the suffering of animals in laboratories.

The monkeys transported by Air France are either taken from their homes in the wild or bred on squalid factory farms. They are crammed into an airplane’s dark cargo hold for a long and frightening journey, but this experience is only the beginning of their trauma. Once they arrive at their destination, they are likely to be mutilated, crippled, deprived of food and water or infected with painful diseases at the hands of experimenters.

“Since my cancer diagnosis, I’ve spent months being poked and prodded, and I wouldn’t wish such an experience on my worst enemy, let alone on innocent animals.”

Along with Brian and tens of thousands of other kind people, please urge Air France to join nearly every other major airline in the world in ending the transport of monkeys to laboratories.