British Bollywood Star Jiah Khan Goes Wild in New PETA Ad

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Crouched in a cage wearing a leopard-print bodysuit next to the words “Wild Animals Belong in the Wild. Boycott Zoos”, Bollywood beauty Jiah Khan stars in a brand-new ad for PETA to spread the word that animals suffer in captivity.

“Actors choose to entertain, but animals locked away in zoos are given no choice”, says Jiah. “All strong-willed beings treasure their freedom above all else, and that applies to tigers, elephants, bears, monkeys and other animals too.”

Jiah Khan for PETA

Jiah Khan for PETA

Captive wild animals, including those born in captivity, retain the very basic and powerful needs and instincts natural to their particular species. Every aspect of their lives is manipulated and controlled. They are told when they will eat, what they will eat, when they can sleep, who they can mate with, when they can go outside, etc. The physical and mental frustrations of captivity often lead to abnormal, neurotic and even self-destructive behaviour in animals.

Zoos claim to educate people, but visitors leave zoos without having learned anything meaningful about animals’ natural behaviours, intelligence or beauty. There is nothing dignified or inspiring about seeing bored and depressed animals. If, like Jiah, you would like to get active for animals in zoos or suffering at the hands of other cruel industries, then join our Action Team.