Canada Makes Last-Ditch Attempt to Keep Flogging Seal Fur to the EU

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Last week, Canada and Norway made their case against the World Trade Organization’s (WTO) ruling to uphold the EU’s ban on seal-fur imports.

PETA UK’s own Kirsty Henderson was there in Geneva, representing our tens of thousands of members across Europe who want no part in Canada’s commercial seal slaughter.

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Pamela Anderson, Jude Law and Rhys Ifans have also spoken out against the bloody seal fur industry.

Canada continues to try to justify its cruel commercial seal slaughter by hiding behind the Inuit seal hunt, which is fully exempt from the EU ban. The EU has made it clear that it wants no part in the commercial slaughter, which is merely an off-season cash grab for the Canadian fishing industry and accounts for less than 1 per cent of Newfoundland’s economy.

Since markets for seal products continue to disappear and the commercial slaughter continues to require millions more in government support than it actually contributes to the economy, Canada’s challenge of the EU ban is motivated purely by political reasons – while baby seals continue to pay the ultimate price.

The world does not want seal products, and it’s time for the government to devise a practical exit strategy: a government buyout.

The WTO is expected to issue its ruling in the coming months. Stay tuned! And if you haven’t already, please send a quick message to Canadian officials asking them to do the right thing for animals.

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