Villagers and Activists Unite to Get Chicken Factory Farm Plan Rejected in Nottinghamshire

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Good news! Plans for a huge factory farm that would have kept up to two million chickens a year in dark sheds have been rejected.

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Compassionate people across Nottinghamshire spoke out, and Newark and Sherwood District Council listened, sparing birds a lifetime of suffering.

PETA joined local residents in objecting to the planning application to build six massive chicken sheds, and coordinated a petition signed by more than 5,000 people. Thank you to everyone who added their name!

Chickens intensively raised for meat spend almost their entire lives in grim sheds and may never see the sun. When they’re around 38 days old, they’re sent to a terrifying death at an abattoir, although around 30 per cent of these birds will be “destocked” and killed before they even make it that far.

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In addition to causing cruelty to animals on a massive scale, a farm of this kind would likely have many negative effects on the local area, including the noise from high-velocity roof fans, increased traffic from heavy goods vehicles driving through narrow village streets, and the generation of enormous quantities of environmental pollutants such as manure and toxic chemicals. It’s no wonder that the overwhelming majority of people at the parish meeting objected to the plans!

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