Cornetto Is Launching a Vegan Ice Cream Cone in the UK!

Posted by on January 19, 2018 | Permalink

Exciting news! Cornetto is set to launch a dairy-free ice cream in the UK at Sainsbury’s in February.


The delicious-looking cone is lined with chocolate, filled with creamy soya-based ice cream, and topped with nuts and extra chocolate. The cones are also gluten-free.

In early 2017, the company announced it was launching the Cornetto Veggy in Italy to meet the growing demand for vegan ice cream – and ever since then, Brits have been eager for the product to reach UK shores.

Cornetto has recognised that vegan eating is on the rise in Britain – more and more people are switching to a plant-based diet every year. Consumers who choose dairy-free ice cream spare cows immense suffering in the dairy industry and also help reduce the devastating environmental impact of animal agriculture.

The famous ice cream brand will be joining the likes of Ben & Jerry’s, which brought out several vegan flavours in the UK in 2017.