England’s Badgers Need You!

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Badgers across England are currently being threatened: a planned cull will begin soon unless we can convince the government to stop the slaughter. This cull is an extremely misguided plan to tackle bovine tuberculosis (TB). The evidence that a mass slaughter of badgers would reduce levels of bovine TB is spurious at best.

Yesterday, thousands of people marched through central London to show their support for badgers and object to the cull.

PETA Team Badger London March 1 Badger1 Badger2

There is some hope for badgers. PETA is campaigning against the cull as part of Team Badger. Most of you have already signed our e-petition opposing the cull, but now we need your help again.

An Opposition Day debate about the government’s plans for the badger cull has been scheduled for Wednesday, 5 June 2013. You can help by writing to your MP and urging him or her to oppose the badger cull.

You can find your MP’s contact details here.

We want as many MPs as possible to come out against the cull and exert greater pressure on the government. The countdown to the cull is nearly over, and we need all the support and last-minute action that we can muster.

Here are some talking points to consider:

  • In large areas of the country, more than 70 per cent of the badger population will be killed. Many of those targeted will be healthy.
  • The method of free shooting could cause many thousands of badgers to suffer.
  • Independent scientific studies have shown that culling would be of little help in reducing bovine TB and even suggest that it could make things worse in some areas.
  • No country has successfully tackled TB in cattle by killing wildlife.

Please voice your objection to the badger cull to your MP today and encourage him or her to oppose the government’s misguided plan!