Exposed: The FA Killed 60 Greylag Geese

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Following the news that The Football Association (The FA) killed 60 greylag geese at St George’s Park – the training centre for the England national football teams – from 2018 to 2019, PETA has sent the organisation a letter urging it to implement a policy against ever killing animals on its grounds again and to use only humane deterrent methods instead.

The appeal comes after animal rights group Stop the Cull obtained information revealing that since 2016, The FA has been licensed to kill up to 50 greylag geese a year.

Geese should never be exterminated for doing what comes naturally to them – and it’s no surprise the curious, intelligent birds were attracted to the park: The FA developed the site with the noble goal to “protect, maintain and enhance the biodiversity and geodiversity interest of the area”.

Killing these birds for choosing a habitat that was created for them is not only an ineffective way to deal with a wildlife conflict but also cruel, and it goes against The FA’s values, which include respect.

The Problem With ‘Culling’

Shooting these animals for merely existing is unnecessary, as there are effective, long-term humane deterrents. Killing them only clears the area so that more geese can move into what is obviously an appealing habitat, creating a perpetual killing cycle.

The most effective way to keep the birds out of the park is by changing the habitat so that it isn’t as attractive to them by reducing the availability of food, restricting access to their preferred nesting and brood-rearing areas, and diminishing their sense of security. Doing so limits flock growth and prompts geese to seek alternative habitats, where they can live out their lives happily without human interference.

What You Can Do

Speak out against the cruel killing of geese. While The FA has said it doesn’t plan to kill more birds, it’s important that it adopt a formal policy against doing so. Please tweet the organisation or leave a polite comment under its latest Facebook or Instagram post encouraging it to do just this:

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