Fallon & Byrne Bans Thai Coconut Milk After PETA Exposes Monkey Labour

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Following a Dublin protest by PETA supporters dressed as chained monkeys outside Fallon & Byrne this weekend, the food hall has confirmed that it has removed all Thai coconut milk products from the shelves – and doesn’t plan to restock them.

Thank you to everyone who joined this compassionate demonstration and helped spare monkeys suffering in this cruel industry!

Monkey Exploitation in the Thai Coconut Industry

The action followed PETA Asia’s third investigation into the Thai coconut industry. Footage revealed that threatened and endangered monkeys continue to be tied up, beaten, whipped, and forced to pick coconuts under threat of physical violence – despite government officials’ claims that forced monkey labour has ended.

Workers confirmed to PETA Asia’s investigators that monkeys are abducted as babies from their families and forest homes. Their teeth may be pulled out if they try to defend themselves.

Investigators found that when the monkeys aren’t being forced to pick coconuts or perform in cruel, circus-style shows for tourists, they’re kept chained by the neck to old tyres and boxes.

Opt for Monkey-Safe Coconut Milk

PETA Asia’s investigation linked monkey labour to HelloFresh, Chaokoh, Ampol Food, Theppadungporn Coconut Co, Aroy-D, Cocoburi, Tropicana Oil, Thai Pure Coconut Co, Ampawa, Suree, Edward & Sons Trading Co, and many other brands.

Until we’re certain that the industry has changed, we’re calling on everyone to boycott tinned coconut milk from Thailand.

How You Can Help

Mounting pressure on the Thai embassy and companies sourcing coconut milk can help encourage the industry in Thailand to use monkey-free harvest methods, such as planting shorter trees so the coconuts are easier for humans to reach or using cherry pickers to reach higher trees.

HelloFresh continues to use Thai coconut milk despite being aware of the monkey exploitation involved. Please urge it to switch to monkey-safe suppliers: