NEW VIDEO: PETA Crashes Fendi Fashion Show in Milan

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Another runway gatecrasher! Today, a PETA supporter stormed Fendi’s show at Milan Fashion Week with the words “Wear Your Own Skin” written across their chest and “Turn Your Back on Animal Skins” on their back. A second activist also took to the runway, holding a sign that read, “Animals Are Not Clothing”.

Why Fendi?

Even though most luxury fashion houses now embrace faux fur to meet the demands of informed and compassionate consumers, LVMH, Fendi’s parent company, has refused to cut ties with the cruel fur trade. The brand also makes garments out of crocodile and calf leather, among the skin of other animals. Behind every fur gilet, crocodile-skin bag, or calf-leather shoe is a vulnerable animal who felt pain and fear and didn’t want to die.

© Jo-Anne McArthur/We Animals

We are calling on Fendi and all other brands at Milan Fashion Week to replace archaic and environmentally destructive animal skin with luxurious, sustainable, and ethical vegan materials.

Crocodiles and Cows Are Not Handbags

A PETA Asia investigation revealed workers at facilities that supply LVMH cutting live crocodiles’ necks open and ramming metal rods down their spines while they were still conscious.

A PETA exposé of the global leather industry found that animals are exposed to the elements and denied food and water during gruelling journeys to abattoirs, where their throats are slit.

PETA entities have also documented how the fashion industry suffocates and electrocutes animals for their fur, brands calves in the face with hot irons, chops conscious lizards’ heads off with machetes, and forces terrified ostriches into stun boxes before slitting their throats.

Turning animal skin into leather requires up to 170 unique chemicals – including cyanide, aluminium, and chromium. Animal agriculture, which includes the leather industry, is one of the leading contributors to the climate catastrophe.

PETA Is Storming Catwalks

Have you been following PETA’s action for animals during fashion week shows around the globe? Here’s what we’ve been up to:

Apples Are In, Animal Skin Is Out

Why wear cruelly obtained animal skin when sustainable vegan materials, such as faux fur, hemp, TENCEL, bamboo, and leather made from apples, cork, corn, grapes, mushrooms, pineapples, or tea, are readily available on the high street? They mimic the properties of animal skin without the cruelty to living, feeling beings or environmental devastation.

Turn Your Back on Animal Skin

Never buy fur, leather, or any other animal-derived material. Check out PETA’s guides to making vegan shopping easy:

While You’re Here …

Please send e-mails to designers, fashion houses, and retailers urging them to stop using animal-derived materials in their collections: