Sadistic ‘Fire Bull’ Festival Cancelled Because of COVID-19

Posted by on November 13, 2020 | Permalink

The latest COVID-19 restrictions in Spain have a silver lining for animals. One of the country’s most gruesome events – Toro Júbilo, also known as the “Fire Bull” festival – has been cancelled this year.

What Is Toro Júbilo?

If it weren’t for COVID-19 restrictions, Toro Júbilo would be taking place this weekend in Medinaceli. During the festival, residents attach balls of flammable pitch to the horns of a terrified, restrained bull and set them on fire.

The bull is then released onto the streets and can do nothing but run around in blind terror. These fiery balls can burn for hours, scorching his eyes, face, and body. Many bulls reportedly crash into walls in an attempt to escape the fire – all while cruel spectators jeer.

This sadistic ritual is called Toro de Fuego – literally, “bull of fire”.

What You Can Do for Bulls

It’s great news that Toro Júbilo won’t go ahead this year. But the festival is expected to return in 2021.

This horrific spectacle must be banned altogether. Please take action to help ensure that no more bulls are tormented during the festival.