‘Glass Walls’ Goes to Italy

Posted by on July 12, 2013 | Permalink

Paul McCartney’s words “If slaughterhouses had glass walls, everyone would be vegetarian” and his powerful PETA video, “Glass Walls”, with its shocking behind-the-scenes video footage of abattoirs and factory farms, have inspired countless people to stop eating animals.

Dutch, French, German and Spanish versions of the video already exist – and now “Glass Walls” makes its debut in Italian to help even more people learn about what really goes on in the industries that raise and kill animals for food. Red Canzian, a popular Italian singer and ethical vegan, was so impressed by Paul’s video that he volunteered to narrate an Italian version and help spread the word about the shocking cruelty of meat production to his fellow Italians.


Most people, once they know the whole truth about meat and where it comes from, feel uneasy about consuming it. That’s why, to save animals and help humans adopt a healthier lifestyle, it’s vital that as many people as possible witness what happens on factory farms – the crowded, filthy conditions; the abuse and mutilations and the killing. People in Italy also deserve to know about the devastating environmental impact of producing meat and the overwhelming evidence that eating it can harm your health.

The majority of animals in Italy are intensively farmed and kept in horrifying conditions for the duration of their short, unhappy lives. But with the help of enlightened voices such as Red’s, more and more people are taking a stand against this mass-scale cruelty by adopting a vegan diet. And the situation is exactly the same in the UK – so please, if you haven’t seen “Glass Walls” yet, check out the original English-language version here, and then share it as widely as possible. Some of the footage may be shocking, but anyone who still eats meat really needs to see it.