Iconic British Classic Goes Vegan: Try Harry Ramsden’s New Fish and Chips

Posted by on June 2, 2021 | Permalink

Thank cod! Harry Ramsden’s newest addition to the menu is vegan fish and chips.

PETA is delighted to have worked with Harry Ramsden’s to bring this innovative dish to the table. After lots of testing, the chain has mastered its banana blossom fish recipe to perfection so we can enjoy the taste of the sea while fish swim free.

The vegan take on the iconic dish includes (surprise!) chips and comes with Harry Ramsden’s legendary mushy peas, which are suitable for vegans and everyone else who likes delicious food.

Harry Ramsden’s Vegan Fish and Chips in Brighton

You can try Harry Ramsden’s vegan fish and chips at its Brighton restaurant – so if you’re in town right now or if you’re planning a weekend break by the sea, now you know where to go. We’re sure it’ll be a huge hit!

Not in Brighton? Let Harry Ramsden’s know you’d like to see vegan fish and chips at a location near you.


It’s hard to catch up with all the new vegan launches, but the trend is clear: vegan takes on iconic British food have never been more popular. From Greggs’ glorious Vegan Sausage Roll to Fray Bentos’ Vegan Steak & Kidney Bean pie, PETA is proud to work with companies and businesses to help them provide 100% of the taste of the nation’s favourite dishes with 0% of the cruelty.

Say Yes to Vegan Fish

Vegan fish saves sea life. It’s as simple as that. If you haven’t seen Netflix’s Seaspiracy yet, go watch it now. It will change your mind about eating fish.

Fish are beautiful, fascinating animals with individual personalities. They can use tools, tell time, and sing, and they have impressive long-term memories and complex social structures. They value their lives and feel pain – and like us, they don’t want to die.

Eating fish is unnecessary and supports an industry that’s the biggest killer of animals in the world. A healthy planet needs a healthy ocean – one that’s teeming with life.

Vegan Fish and Where to Find It

Vegan fish and other seafood is widely available in UK supermarkets. Shoppers can find children’s favourite fishless fingers, plant-based fishcakes, vegan prawns, and tuna-safe tuna – you name it, there’s a vegan version of it.

And if we’ve made you hungry for even more vegan fish and chips options, we’ve got you covered: