Horrifying Eyewitness Photos Expose Cruelty on Suffolk Chicken Farm

Posted by on May 4, 2017 | Permalink

PETA has obtained eyewitness photos of horrific conditions on a “broiler” chicken farm in Great Ashfield, Suffolk. The chickens, who are destined to be killed for their flesh, experience nothing but pain and suffering throughout their short lives.

The photos show thousands of chickens packed into a shed so tightly that they can barely spread even a single wing. Many appear to have lost their feathers because of stress, inadequate nutrition, or injuries inflicted by other frustrated birds.

Chickens on today’s factory farms are bred to grow so large that their bodies often cannot support their abnormal weight, leaving some unable to stand, let alone walk. The images reveal chickens who have dropped dead on the shed floor and been left there to rot or thrown into an outdoor bin crawling with maggots.

Those who make it out of the shed don’t fare any better. They face a stressful journey to the abattoir, during which they’ll likely be crammed into crates so forcefully that many will sustain broken wings or legs. Once they reach the killing floor, they’ll likely spend their final moments suspended upside down, terrified, before their throats are violently slit.

What You Can Do

The best way to help chickens suffering on factory farms is to stop creating demand for their flesh and eggs. Order your free vegan starter kit now to learn how easy it is to leave chickens and other animals off your plate.