This Huge Rally in Madrid May Be the Largest-Ever Demonstration Against Bullfighting

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Thousands of people gathered in Madrid on Saturday to call for a ban on cruel bullfights.

Protesters from all over the country came to the rally, organised by PACMA, to express their horror at the so-called “tradition” in which animals are goaded and repeatedly stabbed until they die, frightened and in pain, often choking on their own blood.

Compassionate Spaniards held signs with slogans such as “Torture is not culture”, “Bullfighting – a national shame”, and “Put yourself in his place”. One attendee said:

“If bullfighting represents Spain, then I am not Spanish.”

It’s been clear for many years that times are changing in Spain. Eighty-one per cent of Spaniards say that they have no interest in bullfighting, and more than 100 towns and cities have banned cruel events in which bulls are tormented and killed. This protest is just the latest manifestation of the growing movement of Spanish people who want to see an end to these archaic, inhumane, and dangerous events in their country.

"Entre las crueldades, la más repulsiva es aquella que tiene por fin la diversión." #misionabolicion

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Although ticket sales for bullfights are dwindling, these barbaric events often receive government subsidies – a phenomenal waste of public money and a shameful example of state-sponsored cruelty.

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