Huge ‘Selfie Mosaic’ Delivered to Politicians Ahead of Decision on Cruel Badger Cull

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Today, we were at Westminster delivering a huge photo mosaic made with hundreds of selfies of people who want to stop the cruel badger cull.

Brian May and banner

Brian and badgers (2)

Kirsty Sonul Badger

PETA – along with other members of Team Badger, including Brian May and wildlife experts – met with politicians to urge them to halt plans to kill up to 100,000 more of Britain’s badgers across England. Scientists Professor Rosie Woodroffe, Professor John Bourne and Professor Ranald Munro also delivered expert testimonies on the ineffectiveness of the cull.

Over the past three years, 4,000 badgers have been shot in “pilot” badger culls in Dorset, Somerset and Gloucestershire. An independent report commissioned by the government found that these killings were both ineffective and inhumane, with many animals taking five minutes or more to die. Making animals suffer in this way is completely unacceptable – and is doubly outrageous given that there’s no sound scientific evidence that killing badgers is an efficient way to tackle bovine tuberculosis.

The cull is also absurdly expensive. So far, the massacre has cost taxpayers an estimated £6,700 per badger killed.

Yet astonishingly, the government is considering rolling out the cull to a further nine counties in England. Over 100,000 more badgers could be killed. We need to do everything we can to stop this from happening.

Thank you to everyone who uploaded their selfie to the big badger mosaic. While we wait for the government to make its decision, please continue to show support for Britain’s badgers by sharing messages on Twitter and Instagram with the hashtag #ShootSelfiesNotBadgers.