India’s U-Turn on Jallikattu Could Allow Bulls to Be Tormented in Festivals Again

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Update: Following an urgent petition supported by PETA India, the Indian Supreme Court has made it clear that events such as jallikattu and bull races cannot currently be held. This is a huge relief for now, but until the court reaches a final decision bulls are still in danger.

In a deeply disappointing change of direction, India could be about to reverse its ban on jallikattu and bull races.

Bull tormented in jallikattu eventThe Ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate Change published a notification in The Gazette of India on 7 January, permitting these cruel events to take place once again, which directly contradicts a 2014 Supreme Court of India judgement that outlawed forcing bulls to perform on the grounds that it caused unnecessary pain and suffering.

Jallikattu, also known as “bull taming”, events take place in South Indian village festivals and involve groups of men besetting a terrified animal. Bulls often end up seriously injured or even dead, and the events are dangerous for people, too: there were approximately 1,100 human injuries and 17 deaths, including that of a child, from 2010 to 2014 as a result of jallikattu-type events.

PETA India has documented that during jallikattu, frightened bulls are often deliberately disoriented by being given substances like alcohol or having chillis rubbed into their eyes; having their tails twisted and bitten; being stabbed and jabbed by sickles, spears, knives or sticks; and being punched, jumped on and dragged to the ground.

The news that this barbaric “sport” will be allowed to take place once again this January isdeeply upsetting and a huge step backwards for compassion. However, we’re not giving up. PETA and our international affiliates will continue to do everything we can to protect bulls and put pressure on the Indian government to enforce the ban on this deeply cruel form of entertainment.

Please help – send a message to Indian officials via our action alert.

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