Inside 100 UK Farms and Abattoirs

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Investigation after investigation into British farms has revealed the same thing: sick, miserable, and dying animals who are treated like inanimate objects rather than living beings with feelings and a desire to live. Now, a new film, Land of Hope and Glory, shows that cruelty to animals on UK farms is the rule, not the exception.

Virtually none of the intelligent, sensitive animals raised for their flesh in this country ever have the opportunity to spend time with their families, feel the sun on their backs, root around in the soil, or do anything else that would make their lives worth living, let alone enjoyable. Speaking about the movie, filmmaker Ed Winters said:

For too long the British public have been lied to and misled about the state of UK animal farming. We are regularly told that we treat animals humanely in this country, but the reality is farms and slaughterhouses are a literal hell for animals who are treated as property, have their babies stolen from them, their bodies mutilated and are ultimately all mercilessly killed. It’s time for us to recognise that there is no humane way to exploit and kill an animal that doesn’t want to die.

The huge number of facilities featured in the film shows that when it comes to meat, eggs, and dairy foods, there’s only one guarantee: that animals suffered and were slaughtered at a young age so that their bodies could be dismembered, packaged, and sold. Time and time again, PETA eyewitness exposés have shown that labels such as “organic”, “grass-fed”, “free-range”, and “high-welfare” are designed to make consumers feel better, not animals. Investigations have revealed that shocking animal abuse occurs on farms and in abattoirs across the country, even those that claim to have the highest standards.

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