A Disturbing Look Inside a British Pig Farm

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New footage shows sickening cruelty in the UK pork industry – again.

This distressing eyewitness video shows pigs with dirty open wounds and injuries, piles of dead pigs left to rot, and used syringes and bottles of antibiotics strewn around the facility. In one heartbreaking scene, a sick piglet lies on the hard metal floor as his siblings sniff at his twitching body.

Piglets and one is dead

This footage was captured on a pig farm in East Yorkshire – but videos from other farms across the country have documented similar scenes. Unfortunately, we know this isn’t an isolated case.

Animals raised and killed for meat always suffer, both during their short, sad, unnatural lives on farms and on their terrifying journey to slaughter. Most pigs are strung up and have their throats slit when they’re just 5 or 6 months old.

Two Ways to Help Stop This

Pig looking

Please take a stand against this cruelty to sensitive, intelligent pigs

  1. Don’t eat their flesh. Refuse to support the unethical meat industry by swapping bacon for delicious vegan meat instead. Our free starter kit will give you the info you need to make the switch.
  2. Share this video. So many people have no idea about the horrible things happening to animals right on their doorstep, so help open their eyes to the reality of British meat production.