Stine Goya Confirms Ban on Fur, Angora, and Exotic Skins After Talks With PETA

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After hearing from PETA, Danish fashion brand Stine Goya has confirmed a sweeping ban on several cruelly produced materials derived from animals: fur, exotic skins, and angora. It’s the latest animal-friendly action from the brand, which recently opened a store in London, after sending scores of fabulous faux fur looks down the runway at Copenhagen Fashion Week.

We are praising Stine Goya for its kindness to animals.

Terrified Animals Are Killed for Fashion

PETA entities have documented how the fashion industry suffocates and electrocutes animals for their fur, rips hair from screaming angora rabbits, chops conscious lizards’ heads off with machetes, and forces terrified ostriches into stun boxes before slitting their throats.

Just watch these four videos to see everything that is wrong with exploiting animals for their skin or hair:

What’s more, farming stressed animals in cramped, filthy conditions provides a perfect breeding ground for disease, presenting a risk to public health. During the COVID-19 pandemic, outbreaks occurred on fur farms around the world, and experts have found links between zoonotic diseases and the exotic-skins trade.

Animals Exploited for Fashion Need Your Help

The future of fashion is free from cruelly obtained materials. Burberry, Stella McCartney, and Diane von Furstenberg are among the top designers that have banned exotic skins, along with fur and angora.

Join our campaign and urge other designers to follow suit: