Watch Italian Celebrities’ Horrified Reaction to Animal Testing

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In a new PETA video, the horrified reactions of Italian celebrities watching animal testing footage in EU laboratories have been caught on camera.

The video features singer-songwriter Red Canzian, blogger Chiara Canzian, TV and radio personality Daniela Martani, and actors Claudia Zanella, Elisa Di Eusanio, Loredana Cannata, Claudio Colica, and Massimo Wertmüller.

After watching the footage, each Italian celebrity urges people to sign the European citizens’ initiative (ECI) for a transition to animal-free science and the strengthening of the ban on animal testing for cosmetics.

The petition must be signed by 1 million EU citizens by 31 August to force the European Commission to take action – every vote counts!

“It’s terrible. Such a terrible thing!”
– Elisa Di Eusanio

What Happens to Animals in Laboratories?

Around 9 million mice, rats, fish, dogs, and other animals are used in cruel experiments and other procedures in the EU every year.

They may legally be poisoned, subjected to psychological distress, deliberately infected with diseases, subjected to brain damage, paralysed, exposed to skin or eye irritants, force-fed, burned, gassed, electrocuted, and deprived of food, water, or sleep – and then they are killed. When shown footage of these tests, Red Canzian exclaimed, “Terrible. Holy Mother of God!”

Experimenters tightly restrain dogs, rabbits, and mice and apply potentially toxic chemicals to their shaved skin or force-feed them with these substances, burning the animals and causing them to develop tumours or go blind. In some tests, pregnant females are force-fed chemicals and then, just before giving birth, the mother and unborn babies are killed and dissected. However, the majority of tests do not predict reliable results in humans.

“No, my God, I can’t watch any more.”
– Claudia Zanella

The Ban on Animal Testing for Cosmetics Is in Jeopardy

The EU ban on animal testing for cosmetics is in jeopardy. Although it set a global precedent when it entered into force in 2009, the EU’s ban on animal testing for cosmetics is being undermined by new animal testing requirements under the chemicals regulation – even when the ingredients in question have been used safely for years.

The Solution? Our European Citizens’ Initiative

PETA entities around the world, along with Dove, The Body Shop, and over 100 animal protection organisations, launched the ECI to protect and strengthen the ban on animal testing for cosmetics.

The initiative also calls for the transformation of the EU chemicals regulation without the addition of new animal tests and for a plan to end all animal testing.

We Have the Power to Stop These Tests – Act Now!

Animals in laboratories desperately need you to take a moment to add your name to the ECI and urge your friends and family to do the same. “Together we can make it”, concludes Red Canzian in the video.

To succeed, the ECI needs the support of over a million European citizens – that’s why we also need you to spread the word about this action on social media:

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