James Cromwell and Justin Bieber Agree That Air France Sucks

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The word has been spreading far and wide about Air France’s notorious cruelty, as it’s the only major airline that still ships monkeys for animal testing. And last week, the campaign got a notable new supporter – Justin Bieber!

The Canadian pop star encountered a group of protesters at the Los Angeles International Airport (LAX), and after learning how primates are snatched from their homes in the wild, crammed into crates and flown to laboratories all over the world on Air France planes, he rightly concluded, “Air France sucks”. Justin – who has previously starred in a pro-adoption PETA ad – chatted with one of the protesters for several minutes before taking a leaflet and a “Boycott Air France” T-shirt.

James Cromwell – whose career spans films from Babe to L.A. Confidential – went even further in expressing his disgust at Air France’s complicity in animal abuse. As part of a feisty PETA US protest at LAX, the compassionate actor squeezed himself into a shipping crate to show his empathy for the monkeys who are crammed into tiny wooden crates on a terrifying journey to experimentation and death.

“The real horror story is the pain and terror of the monkeys in Air France’s cargo holds beneath the feet of unsuspecting passengers”, James explained. “My friends at PETA and I are telling Air France that cruelty shouldn’t fly and that the airline needs to join the rest of the industry in refusing to deliver primates to their deaths in laboratories.”

Last month, campaigning by PETA and our international affiliates persuaded China Southern Airlines to stop trafficking primates. That makes Air France the only major airline still participating in this callous industry.

Monkeys used by animal testers are either kidnapped from the wild or bred on squalid factory farms, such as this horrific breeding facility in Mauritius:

After Air France transports these terrified animals to laboratories around the world, including the UK, they may face horrors such as mutilation, poisoning, food deprivation, infection with painful diseases and psychological torment. After being tortured – sometimes for decades – these intelligent animals will ultimately be killed.

It’s heartening that celebrities such as Justin and James are using their voices to defend these animals. They are joining tens of thousands of compassionate people around the world who have already urged the airline to stop primate trafficking.

Please add your voice to the movement, too, by sending an e-mail to Air France today. Find details about where to send your e-mail and suggestions about what to include here: