‘Babe’ Star James Cromwell Speaks Out Against Sending Irish Pigs to China

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PETA supporter and actor James Cromwell, who turned vegetarian in the 1970s and has been vegan since starring in the film Babe, has sent a letter to Ireland’s minister for agriculture, food and the marine, Charlie McConalogue. Cromwell is calling on the government to reject plans to send pigs from Ireland to China, where they’ll be used as breeding machines.

“I had the great privilege and pleasure of learning about pigs when I starred in the movie Babe. … Treating pigs as cargo – and forcing them to endure a long journey in cramped cages while exposing them to excessive noise and changes in air pressure – is both unnecessary and cruel, and it would cause immense stress to these sensitive animals.”

– James Cromwell

Yet these intelligent and sensitive animals suffer tremendously for humans’ damaging addiction to their flesh. The absolute least we can do is spare them the unnecessary trauma of an arduous journey overseas only to be treated as breeding machines before eventually being slaughtered.

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Once the pigs leave Ireland, any legal protections afforded to them would be left behind, as there are no laws protecting animals on farms in China.

They will live in appalling conditions and be forced to produce litter after litter of piglets every year until their bodies are spent, then they’ll be slaughtered at abattoirs likely

Irish Pigs Need Your Help

Please join James Cromwell in speaking out against this cruelty. Use our form to contact Ireland’s minister for agriculture, food and the marine to let him know that live export is incompatible with animal welfare and must be stopped.