Jona Weinhofen: ‘Here’s the Rest of Your Wool Coat’

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Jona Weinhofen, the lead guitarist from I Killed the Prom Queen, may look like the typical bad boy, but he’s definitely a good guy when it comes to animals. The Australian metalcore musician stars in a brand-new ad campaign which aims to shine a light on the cruelty inflicted on sheep and lambs in the wool industry.

Jona Weinhofen PETA Ad

Jona is also known for his performances with Bring Me the Horizon and Bleeding Through and has been a vegan for 15 years. Ditching wool is important to him: “I choose not to associate with any animal cruelty or animal products, and wool is one of those. . . . I’ve been wearing non-wool products for 15 years, and I’ve found that things like this sweater I’m wearing right now keep me just as warm and cosy as any wool might”.

A video interview with Jona about the ad campaign reveals how sheep suffer for wool. Impatient shearers leave sheep with bloody wounds, and wool producers hack chunks of skin off lambs’ backsides in a crude attempt to prevent maggot infestations. A PETA US international exposé of the wool industry showed how scared sheep are harmed and systemically mistreated in the wool industries in Australia and the US. Watch the full investigation, and join Jona in taking action for sheep: