Just Another Day in the Office

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PETA’s always had a diverse workforce. But one staffer in particular stands out – our campaign goose! You might have seen him before, taking our campaign against foie gras to the streets and standing up for all his fellow birds who are being tortured on French farms.

We followed him around for a day to create a gallery that shows how PETA’s goose is working hard to end Fortnum & Mason’s sales of cruelly produced foie gras.


After an early start and chowing down on some fresh-cut grass, I make my way to the PETA office like any other commuter during moulting season.

F&M Goose Swim

Some friends and I always have a swim before work. We’re lucky enough to have the canal nearby so that we can always take some laps before heading in. It breaks my heart that my French cousins on foie gras farms never even see open water.

F&M Office

After arriving, I get busy planning my day.

F&M Goose Office

 It’s time to head out and change some hearts and minds!

F&M Goose Selfie

Here’s a quick selfie on the way to grab some bits and pieces.

F&M Goose Shopping

I always have time to thank companies that take a compassionate stance against cruelty. Cheers, Selfridges!

PETA's goose and activists welcoming the Queen

I spent the afternoon protesting against Fortnum & Mason, one of the only remaining department stores still willing to profit off the torture of my feathered friends.

F&M Goose Pea Shake

Sitting down with some of the PETA team to discuss how the day went. I down a sensibly sized pea-protein smoothie (and not via a force-feeding tube, thankfully). After we plan the next day’s actions, I head home to the goslings in time to watch Springwatch and Count Duckula.


If you’d like to help me do my job, please call on Fortnum & Mason to drop foie gras today. Everyone who voices concerns helps us convince this behind-the-times retailer that ending cruelty is the right thing to do, both for its reputation and for the poor geese who are abused during the production of foie gras.