Cat or Cod? PETA Serves Up ‘Kittens’ and Chips

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If you wouldn’t eat a cat, why eat a fish? That’s the food for thought PETA supporters served up on National Fish and Chip Day (6 June) as they set up a “chippy” with a twist outside Grey’s Monument in Newcastle. According to data from Just Eat, the North East is the region where the most fish and chips are ordered in the UK.

PETA’s “chip shop” displayed mock kittens wrapped in newspaper surrounded by cones of chips, saltshakers, and condiments.

Are you disturbed by the idea of deep-frying a kitten or having a freshly caught Siamese and chips for lunch? Extend that compassion to all animals and, please, go vegan.

If You Wouldn’t Eat a Kitten, Don’t Eat a Fish

When it comes to being playful, inquisitive, and sensitive to pain, fish are no different from the cats who share our homes. They exchange knowledge and have long memories and cultural traditions.

More fish are killed for food each year than all other animals combined – they’re impaled, crushed, suffocated, or cut open and gutted by the billion, often while they’re still conscious.

In addition, 38 million tonnes of other aquatic animals are unintentionally killed annually by the fishing industry, known as “bycatch”, to satisfy consumer demand. This suffering stems from speciesism – the belief that the differences between humans and other animals warrant torturing, killing, and eating other species.

There’s Plenty More Vegan Fish in the Sea

Leave animals off your plate, whether they have feathers, fur, or fins. These guides contain recommendations for restaurants and products that’ll give you a taste of the sea without harming anyone in it: