What a Load of Bull: Hereford FC Will Likely Terrify an Animal in FA Vase Final Stunt

Posted by on May 18, 2016 | Permalink

After hearing that the Football Association (FA) has granted permission to Hereford FC to parade Hawkesbury Ronaldo, a bull, around Wembley Stadium this Sunday before the start of the FA Vase final, PETA dashed off a letter to FA CEO Martin Glenn. We’re asking him to revoke the permission immediately and to implement a policy against allowing the use of live animals in football stadiums.

Hawkesbury Ronaldo would likely be terrified and alarmed if subjected to crowds of shouting football fans. That’s why we’re urging Glenn to use his influence to prevent this bull from having to endure the stress and misery of being paraded in front of thousands of screaming fans on Sunday.

Bulls are sensitive animals who are extremely intelligent and aware of their surroundings. When animals are subjected to stressful and unnatural environments, there is no telling how they will react, creating a potential risk to spectators and staff at the match.

We hope the FA listens. If Hereford FC really wants to make a spectacle, why not have two of its supporters dress up as a pantomime bull?