HUGE NEWS: L’Oréal Group Bans Brushes Made With Animal Hair

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PETA US and nearly 80,000 members of the public urged Baxter of California – owned by L’Oréal Group – to ban badger-hair brushes. As a result, L’Oréal Group has pledged to ban not just badger hair but all animal hair from its products.

In thanks, PETA US has sent the French company a box of delicious vegan chocolates.

What’s Wrong With Badger Hair?

Badger-hair brushes are a product of the exploitation and slaughter of intelligent, sensitive badgers. A PETA Asia investigation revealed animals are held in cramped wire cages exposed to the elements, and the stressful conditions often lead to injuries and severe psychological disorders.

Eyewitnesses saw workers beating crying badgers over the head with anything they could find, including a chair leg, before slitting their throats.

One animal continued to move for a full minute after his throat was cut, and another was missing a foot, which the farm owner attributed to a fight with a badger caged nearby.

Badgers are extremely social animals who, in nature, construct elaborate underground burrow systems, some of which are centuries old and have been inhabited by many generations of the same badger clan. They’re meticulous animals who have separate rooms for sleeping and for giving birth as well as designated outdoor “bathroom” areas. Their cruel slaughter is inhumane and unjustifiable.

Risk to Public Health

When wild animals are confined to filthy cages, diseases such as mutated strains of the novel coronavirus are likely to break out and can easily spread. This has already happened on mink fur farms, and the badger-hair industry poses a similar risk to human health, reducing the likelihood of an effective vaccine.

What You Can Do for Badgers

There’s no acceptable reason to use brushes that contain animal hair, whether for applying make-up, shaving, or painting – especially when there are so many high-performing vegan bristles available.

Call on brands still profiting from this abuse to drop badger-hair brushes immediately in favour of cruelty-free options: