Great News! Wilkinson Sword Bans Badger-Hair Brushes

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Great news for badgers! Edgewell Personal Care – which owns the British razor and personal-care brand Wilkinson Sword as well as Schick, among others – just banned badger-hair brushes.


The good news comes after PETA US shared a badger-hair industry exposé with the company showing badgers spinning in circles inside dirty cages before workers slit their throats.

By banning the sale of badger-hair brushes, Edgewell is helping PETA and our affiliates push the personal-care industry in a kinder direction.

Why Badger-Hair Production Is Cruel

On badger-hair farms, animals are deprived of the opportunity to dig, forage for food, choose mates, or do anything else that would make their lives worth living.

PETA Asia’s investigation into the Chinese badger-hair industry revealed that badgers exhibit behaviour patterns indicative of severe psychological distress, such as pacing back and forth. Many badgers suffered from untreated injuries, and one was even missing a leg.

Abattoir workers beat screaming badgers over the head with anything they could find, including a chair leg, before slitting their throats. Other badgers are captured illegally using snares, even though they’re a protected species.

How We Can End This Awful Industry

Procter & Gamble, the parent company of The Art of Shaving, was the first company to ban badger-hair items after the release of PETA Asia’s video, and nearly 100 others have followed suit, including L’Oréal Group, Morphe, NARS Cosmetics, Penhaligon’s, and Floris London.

Take action and urge others still profiting from this abuse to drop badger-hair brushes immediately in favour of cruelty-free options: