Malmaison and Hotel du Vin Say ‘Non’ to Foie Gras

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Malmaison CCWe have some wonderful news to share! After PETA contacted the nationwide boutique hotel groups Malmaison and Hotel du Vin about how birds are force-fed several times a day through metal pipes that are rammed down their throats in order to make foie gras, they made the compassionate decision to ban the vile product from all 28 of their hotel menus throughout the UK.

“I totally agree with your view on this issue”, wrote Gary Davis, CEO of MWB Group Holdings, which owns the hotels, before personally ensuring that all foie gras was removed from the group’s bistros and brasseries.

In July, Brakes Group UK, one of the leading food service providers to the catering industry, stopped offering foie gras, following the lead of Compass Group, which had dropped foie gras a year earlier. Many shops and restaurants have made the same decision after hearing from PETA and concerned customers dismayed by the cruelty of foie gras production.

Investigations of foie gras farms have documented sick, dead and dying birds – some with holes in their necks from pipe injuries. Foie gras production is so inhumane that it is illegal in the UK and more than a dozen other countries. Opinion polls have shown that two-thirds of the British public support a complete ban on the sale of foie gras.

All compassionate people are delighted by the progress that we’re making against this horrible product. However, we’re still waiting for one high-profile retailer to do the right thing – Fortnum & Mason. Despite having been contacted by tens of thousands of PETA supporters, including celebrities such as Sir Roger Moore and Siouxsie Sioux, the shop refuses to stop profiting from cruelty.

Please speak out for geese by sending Fortnum & Mason a quick message today:

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Hotel Image: “Malmaison 2” by grahamc99 / CC BY 2.0