Everything Wrong With the New Red Tractor Ad

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In the latest ad released by Red Tractor, the organisation positions its certified farms as idyllic, showing cows happily munching on hay and sheep joyfully frolicking about – but this is a far cry from reality.

Red Tractor–assured farms have been exposed repeatedly, routinely uncovering horrific animal abuse. Investigations have found animals kept in filth and squalor, cannibalism among animals ignored, and painful, gaping wounds left untreated. All the animals on farms are eventually sent to abattoirs, where they will be shackled, electrocuted, or gassed and their throats sliced open.

You can see for yourself the stark difference between what the organisation wants you to believe and the conditions that have been uncovered on Red Tractor–assured farms:

‘High-Welfare’ Assurances Do Nothing for Animals

“High-welfare” or “better-welfare” farms are a myth. It’s just another label – like “free-range” or “organic” – to deceive consumers into thinking animals are being raised humanely before they’re slaughtered and their flesh is sold in supermarkets.

Disturbing undercover footage of British farms, including those audited for the Red Tractor label, have repeatedly revealed sickening cruelty to pigs, cows, chickens, and other animals. These intelligent beings are locked inside dark, dirty pens and suffer from illness and injuries caused by abuse, neglect, and mistreatment.

Last year, PETA obtained images and footage from campaigning organisation Meat the Victims of pigs on a farm with a Red Tractor certification. The pigs were filmed with gaping wounds and bloodied faces. They were eating each other alive, and many had been left to die on the floor of the facility.

Do these animals look like they have been “farmed with care” to you?    


Red Tractor claimed that it had conducted an unannounced inspection of this farm within the six months prior to the Meat the Victims investigation and found nothing alarming.

According to the Red Tractor website, the label “is a simple way for people to recognise food and drink that has been produced to high quality standards” and ensures “you are choosing food you can trust”. This leads consumers to believe that the meat they’re buying comes from animals farmed under “high-welfare” standards, assured by the government.


The truth is that the label is a convenient way to conceal the same exploitation and bloodshed we see on non-assured farms. It’s used to make consumers feel better about buying and eating the flesh of innocent animals. Don’t be duped!

Ethical Meat Doesn’t Exist

Eating meat means sentencing animals to death. Regardless of the label on a piece of meat or the certification given to the farm it came from, none of the animals escape the abattoir. Babies, mums, dads – they all endure a terrifying, unnecessary death.

Their families are torn away from them, and their bodies are hacked into pieces and packaged up for nothing more than a fleeting moment of taste.

There’s nothing ethical about commodifying living, feeling beings. The only label you can trust is one that says “vegan”.

What You Can Do

The best way to help animals abused on farms is to stop paying for this cruelty. We don’t need to eat the flesh or eggs of any animal or drink their milk.

If you care about animals and don’t want to be deceived by farming assurance schemes any longer, why not order PETA’s vegan starter kit? It’s free and full of tips and recipes to help you make the switch.