OMG: Union J! In the Bath! Sharing an Important Message About SeaWorld Cruelty!

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Orcas at SeaWorld swim endlessly around small, barren tanks, and that’s why the guys from Union J have squeezed into a bathtub for a new PETA ad to show the world just how tiny marine park tanks really are.

Union J Seaworld Ad Bathtub

Scroll down to watch the behind-the-scenes video!

Band members Josh, JJ, Jaymi, and Casey are joining PETA in calling for SeaWorld to release captive orcas to seaside sanctuaries. In a video from the ad shoot, Josh discusses how he came to the realisation that marine parks are horrible places for animals:

After watching the documentary Blackfish, it really made me realise that these beautiful, intelligent animals should not be in captivity.

In the wild, orcas share intricate social relationships and can swim for up to 100 miles in a single day. At SeaWorld, they are housed in incompatible groups in tiny concrete tanks, swim endlessly in circles, break their teeth by gnawing on the metal bars of the tanks, and are often given drugs to manage stress-induced, aggressive psychotic behaviour.

See the guys discuss the issues, behind the scenes at their shoot:

As Josh says, “We’re not going to stop until every dolphin, every orca, and all the other amazing animals are free in sea sanctuaries”.

Join Union J and PETA in urging SeaWorld and other marine parks to free whales and dolphins from their prisons and release them into seaside sanctuaries. You can help by never visiting one of these cruel parks that abuse marine animals for entertainment and by joining campaigns to advocate for their release: