‘Orcas Will Only Have One Home: THE WILD’: Primary School Students Write Letters to SeaWorld

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Students in the year six class at Moorfield Primary School in Newport, Shropshire, have received a Compassionate Action Award for writing letters to SeaWorld urging the marine park to end the suffering of captive orcas.

I hate this cruelty! This has to stop!” one student exclaimed. Another wrote, “[O]rcas will only have one home: THE WILD,” while a third poignantly stated, “[O]n this planet we want animals to be respected.”

The children’s teacher, Hannah Cliff, taught the pupils about the complex lives of orcas in the wild – and they were shocked to discover that at SeaWorld, orcas are kept in tiny, barren tanks and endure years of illness and stress.

In the open ocean, orcas and other dolphins live in large social groups and swim vast distances every day. In captivity, they can swim only in circles in tanks that are, to them, the size of bathtubs and are denied the opportunity to engage in almost any natural behaviour. Most die far short of their natural life expectancy and often endure distressing health conditions.

Please, never visit a marine park, an aquarium, or any other tourist attraction which exploits animals to make money. You can also help by asking UK travel agent Thomas Cook to stop selling tickets to SeaWorld and profiting from animals’ misery: