PETA Celebrates 35 Years of ‘Don’t Kill the Animals’ by Calling For an End to Animal Testing

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Time is running out to help animals in laboratories! That’s the message from a “monkey”, “rabbit”, “mouse”, “dog”, and “pig” dancing in a brand-new PETA video to the tune of Nina Hagen and Lene Lovich’s “Don’t Kill the Animals” – marking 35 years since the release of the iconic song.

Stand Up for Animals in Laboratories

The dancing “animals” are calling on EU citizens to stand up for real animals by voting for a world in which they no longer suffer in cruel experiments. To help end animal testing, EU citizens can sign the European citizens’ initiative (ECI) launched by PETA, over 100 other animal protection groups, and cruelty-free brands Dove and The Body Shop.

The Ban on Animal Testing for Cosmetics Is Under Threat

Despite setting a global precedent when it was first introduced, the EU’s ban on cosmetics testing is being undermined by new animal testing requirements for cosmetics ingredients under chemicals regulations – even though these ingredients have been safely used for years.

This ban promised a Europe in which animals would no longer be tortured and killed for cosmetics, but this promise has been broken, meaning thousands of animals will continue to suffer. This is absurd and unacceptable – it is urgent that anyone opposed to this senseless cruelty sign the initiative calling for ethical, modern, and animal-free science.

The ECI calls for a strengthening of the cosmetics testing ban, the transformation of EU chemicals regulations without the addition of new animal tests, and the establishment of a plan to end all experiments on animals.

Needless Suffering Has to Stop

Approximately 9 million mice, rats, fish, dogs, and other animals are used every year in cruel experiments and other procedures in the EU, including thousands of individuals who are used in toxic chemicals tests. The tests often fail to predict results in humans, yet experimenters restrain rats, rabbits, and other animals and force potentially toxic chemicals down their throats, which may cause them to develop tumours, sustain burns, or suffer from internal bleeding.

Together, We Can End This Cruelty

It is vital to act urgently – to be successful, the ECI needs to obtain EU citizens before 31 August. Sign the petition now! It only takes a minute and will help save lives:

Even if you’re not an EU citizen, or if you have already signed, you can still help! Please share the ECI with all of your European friends and ask them to add their names now:

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