PETA Holiday Award: Butlin’s Resorts Are Now Animal-free

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Butlin’s, the “home of entertainment”, is the inaugural recipient of a PETA Holiday Award, given to the holiday company to celebrate a new animal-friendly era.

Butlins Holiday Award

As of 2022, all activities and shows across the three Butlin’s resorts are animal-free. With a host of fabulous new live shows and a wide selection of delicious vegan dishes added to menus, Butlin’s certainly offers food for thought when considering where to book your holiday this year.

“We’re delighted to receive the inaugural PETA Holiday Award. For several years now, we’ve been developing shows that bring the wow factor without using live animals. Guest feedback has been fantastic, and we can’t wait for Animals vs Dinosaurs to take to the stage in 2022. Our shows aren’t the only new thing this year. Delicious new vegan options can be found in all retail restaurants and buffets at the resorts and we’re always looking to expand our offering.”

– Jon Hendry Pickup, managing director of Butlin’s

We encourage all other holiday and tourist destinations still exploiting animals to follow Butlin’s lead.

Spectacular and Educational Animal-Free Entertainment

Exclusive to Butlin’s, the roarsome new Animals vs Dinosaurs stage show features an animatronic T-Rex, Stegosaurus, giraffe, and 13 other lifelike animals. The show includes music, special effects, and lots of laughs to entertain and educate children about protecting the natural world.

Alongside this incredible new show are plenty of activities to keep the family busy, including water slides and exciting pools, thrilling fairground rides, and exclusive entertainment with the best headline acts for all ages to enjoy.

Wonderful Choice of Vegan Options

Millions of UK families are eating more vegan foods for animal welfare, health, and environmental reasons. A survey by BBC Good Food showed that 21% of children aged from 5 to 16 years old are vegan or vegetarian and an additional 36% are interested in becoming so. Butlin’s has adapted with the times: from just three vegan options on the menu in 2019 to over 100 today, the numerous resort restaurants offer a variety of vegan dishes. Just have a look at this impressive list:

  • Vegan options for adults:
    • Cheesy tortilla chips
    • Spicy sweetcorn fritters
    • Vegan cooked breakfast
    • Cobb salad with griddled Oumph! pieces
    • Mushroom and fire roasted pepper risotto
    • Bangers and mash
    • Chilli sin carne
    • Papa John’s vegan pizzas
    • Mushroom and red wine pie
    • Moving Mountains burger with guacamole and vegan cheese
    • Beetroot puff pastry Wellington
    • Pepper, tomato, and chickpea curry
    • Cinnamon cheesecake with strawberry sauce
    • Chocolate brownie with dairy-free ice cream
  • Vegan options for children:
    • Build your own pizza
    • Quorn buttermilk style burger
    • Homemade tomato soup

The options available will vary by restaurant venue and Butlin’s resort location.

What You Can Do

Animals are not circus acts or toy trains. Yet many are imprisoned for life, forced to perform in ways that are unnatural to them and may result in injury or even death.

At home or abroad, always stay away from places that keep animals in captivity, use them in cruel spectacles, or treat them as profit-making machines – and tell your friends to do so, too. Never go to bullfights, horse racing events, or marine parks like SeaWorld.

Learn more about the ways animals are abused for entertainment and share this information with your friends:

Use our Rapid Actions page to take action for elephants, donkeys, and other animals exploited for tourist rides: