PETA Presents: Vegan Croissants and Faux Gras With BOSH! and Gauthier Soho

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Alexis Gauthier has gone vegan. Having earned two Michelin stars, the traditionally trained French chef is no stranger to exquisite cooking, and he’s now turning his attention to vegan cuisine.

Chef Gauthier teamed up with PETA and the team at BOSH! to share recipes for vegan versions of classic French croissants and foie gras.

Try It for Yourself

Gauthier Soho

And this is just a taste. Chef Gauthier offers an eight-course gourmet vegan meal at his swanky London restaurant, Gauthier Soho.

Gauthier Soho’s renowned vegetable-tasting menu went fully vegan in 2016. Chef Gauthier first offered a vegan menu at the high-end London restaurant for World Vegan Month in response to a suggestion from PETA – and the reaction was so overwhelmingly positive that he’s decided to make the menu a permanent fixture. It’s even had some A-list fans: cookbook author Ella Woodward, movie star Benedict Cumberbatch, environmentalist Al Gore, and ethical fashion designer Stella McCartney have all reportedly enjoyed Gauthier’s 100 per cent animal-free dishes.