PETA Protesters Lie Naked in Pamplona to Protest Bullfights

Posted by on July 5, 2012 | Permalink

With their naked bodies painted red and black and lying on the ground to spell out the words “Stop Bullfights”, dozens of PETA activists protested against the cruel Running of the Bulls in Pamplona and the deadly bullfights that follow. The protest was held outside the mayor’s residence just two days before the barbaric bull runs are scheduled to start. Other activists, including some from as far away as Australia and the United States, held a banner that read, “Bulls Die a Bloody Death in Pamplona”. PETA’s point? That tormenting animals by chasing them through the streets and later torturing and killing them in the bullring is barbaric and should be banned.

“The people who chase the bulls need to realise that they have blood on their hands, just like the matador who wields the sword”, says PETA Senior Programme Manager Yvonne Taylor. “The vast majority of Spaniards have no interest in bullfighting, and unless Pamplona changes with the times, it could soon find itself culturally isolated in its own land.”

Prior to each run, electric prods and sharp sticks are used to rile the scared and confused bulls. The animals are then goaded down streets and beaten, only to end up in the bullring, where they are repeatedly stabbed with daggers and eventually the matador’s sword. Many bulls drown in their own blood when the sword only pierces their lungs. Earlier this year, a ban on bullfighting in the entire region of Catalonia went into effect. Many more Spanish cities and towns are also declaring their opposition to bullfighting.

You can help stop the bloody bullfights by taking action here.