PHOTO: Bunny Thanks Monsoon for Ending Angora Sales!

Posted by on October 28, 2014 | Permalink

monsoon 1 When we heard that yet ANOTHER major UK retailer – Monsoon Accessorize – has just ended the use of angora wool, we had to crack out the champagne! In a statement on its website today, Monsoon confirmed that, after hearing from customers: 

“we have decided to end the use of angora in all future production of our clothing and accessories”.

This is the right decision for bunnies and for fashion – because, ever since PETA Asia’s deeply disturbing investigation into angora fur farms last year, it’s been clear that the British public doesn’t want to wear wool torn from rabbits’ skin. Video footage revealed how intelligent rabbits are confined for years in isolation to small, filthy wire cages that cut their sensitive paws. They can be heard screaming as they have their front and back legs tethered tightly so that they can be stretched out over a board as sharp clippers cut into their sensitive skin or their hair is ripped out by the fistful – all for a product that no one needs. Monsoon has joined ASOS, French Connection, Stella McCartney and many other global fashion brands that now no longer sell angora. Help us keep up the pressure by speaking out wherever you see it on sale.